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Durian Map


We all love our durians.

But do you know where your durians come from?


The State of Johor is really huge. There are many durian growing districts in Johor including: Batu Pahat, Segamat, Tangkak, Pontian. 

The common cultivars grown in these region includes: Jin Feng (Golden Pheonix), D88, D24, D13, Mao Shan Wang (Musang King), Black Pearl, Lao Tai Po, and other Kampung cultivars. Kampung cultivars refers to varieties that have not been offically registered.


Pahang has a long history of durian growing. Unlike in Johor, where durian farms are spread loosely across the State, in Pahang, durian growing is very concentrated. 

The 2 most famous durian growing districts are: Raub and Bentong.

Due to the presence of highlands in Pahang, the durians grown in this region are usually of better quality and as such, they typically command a slight premium over their Johor counterparts. In Singapore, Pahang durians are also highly sought after.

Common cultivars grown in Pahang includes: Mao Shan Wang (D197 Musang King), Tekka (AKA Green Bamboo), Sultan D24.


Penang is located far north and most durians are grown on Penang Island. Interestingly, due to its proximity to Thailand (which is another huge durian growing nation), Penang has many unique cultivars.

Penang durian sellers also has their own unique culture of opening durians. In Johor, sellers use a large stainless steel knife to hack the durians open. But in Penang, they prefer to use a small pocket knife to pry open their durians.

Common cultivar grown in Penang includes: Red Prawn (D175), Hor Lor (D163) and the famous highly prized Black Thorn (D200). Black thorn tyically fetch around SGD 3 to 5 per kg higher than Musang King. Madness!