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Mao Shan Wang - Coming soon in end May 2021

Musang King, Mao Shan Wang, D197

The most popular cultivar ever. Known for its deep yellow flesh, and bittersweet taste, flat seed and smooth creamy flesh, this cultivar is well-known worldwide. 

Jin Feng - 

Coming soon in end May 2021

Jin Feng, Jinfeng, Golden Phoenix , D198

Second most popular cultivar amongst Singaporean. Small seed, high yield. Good chances of hitting bitter notes. Generally comes in small sizes around 0.9 - 1.3kg.

Sultan D24

Sultan D24, XO

XO, XXO, XXXO, it doesn't matter. They are all D24 cultivars. Before it was dethroned by Mao Shan Wang, D24 was once a King. Big seed, creamy milk flesh. Quality and taste profile can vary widely. If lucky, you'll get a nice deep alcoholic punch.

Not in season

D13 - 

Coming soon in end May 2021

D13 durian

D13 is an inexpensive cultivar. Seldom you'll get an unripe D13. The flesh can range from sticky to slightly runny. It has deep orange flesh colour. Taste wise, it is mostly sweet and nutty, but you do occasionally get a deep bitterness from D13 as well. 


Tekka durian

Some call this queen of durian. Quality and taste profile varies greatly according to season. It has a distinct floral taste and can get really bitter at times. 

Not in season


D17 durian S17

It's a true underdog. This cultivar has a pretty consistent texture. It has a bold flavour with good chance of hitting a bitter note. And it also has a rich overall aroma with a pleasant hint of soya bean notes. 

Not in season