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Durian & Durian Pulp

Supply of fresh durian, frozen durian & high quality durian pulp

Durian Pulp Supply

Durian Pulp is also called Durian paste or Durian puree. They all mean the same thing.  

Leading producer and supplier of durian pulp.

Durian pulp are durian that has all their husk and seeds removed, only the creamy parts are collected. 

We produce ultra high quality durian pulp. Stringent QC process. 

No mixing of varieties and mislabelling. 

Suitable as ingredient for pastry and dessert production. 

No added sugar.

HPP sterilization available on request.

D24 and Mao Shan Wang pulp available.

Frozen Durian Fruitlet

Mao Shan Wang only 

Daily excess B grade durians will be sent to our factory for dehusking.

Fruitlet refers to the durian flesh with the seed still intact.

Only fruitlet that is assessed to have a good size, shape, and quality are packed.  

Customers may request different pack size. All packaging will be vacuum sealed and frozen.

Nitrogen Frozen Whole Durian

Blast frozen Mao Shan Wang

Using liquid nitrogen, the durians are blast frozen to below -80°C at the core within 40 minutes. 

This technique increases the shelf life of durians significantly.

There are 2 main advantage of Blast Freezing:

1. It prevents the durians from splitting apart.

2. It allows the full flavour and aroma of the durian to be retained.

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