Durian Infographic

Durian general trade information & fun facts


Tonnes imported by Singapore in 2019


1 in 3

Singaporean is a durian lover.

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Of all harvest comes to Singapore

40% - Malaysia domestic market

20% - Others

Other countries: China, Australia, USA, Europe

2 in 5

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Durians grown in Malaysia are Musang King

D13     - 12%

D24     - 13%

D101   - 10%

Others - 25%

Others: Jin Feng, Tekka, Hor Lor, Red Prawn, Black Thorn, etc.

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Musang King,

Black Thorn

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Jin Feng, Tekka, Red Prawn

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D13, D24, D101, D88

Durian farm in Malaysia

Malaysia Durian Trail

Do you know where your durians come from?

Come on in and we'll show you the geographical regions where different durians are grown.

Different types of durians

Types of Durians

Do you know how many types of durians are there in Malaysia alone?

There are over 200 cultivars of durians in Malaysia alone. Here we review several popular ones according to shape, taste profile, colour etc.