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Bentong & Raub - World best durians are grown here

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

The district of Raub spans hectares of majestic Mao Shan Wang trees. Klau is a quiet village in Raub and is home to about 3 to 4 thousand people.

40% of the population in Klau is in the durian farming trade. Bentong is only about 30 mins drive away from Klau.

Durian mural Raub
The famous mural in Sungai Ruan, Raub District

Raub district central
Raub district central.

So what makes this region so special? Why does the world's best durian come from here?

It turns out, there are 4 main reason for their success: Soil, temperature, rainfall and people.

1. Soil

Bentong and Raub lies in the western state of Pahang. This area contains rich soils which is crucial for the development of durian trees. There are large areas of sloping hills in the highland region that also contributed to the easy cultivation of durian trees.

2. Temperature

Durians are unique to Southeast asia. This is because durian trees require a tropical climate to grow well. Temperature ranges between 24°C to 33°C throughout the year.

3. Rainfall

Durian trees requires abundant rainfall. Bentong and Raub districts receives annual rainfall of more than 2000mm. That being said, too much rainfall may also cause poor crop harvest or sub-par fruit quality. It is important to have proper drainage as waterlogged soil can cause damage to the fragile root hairs of the durian trees.

That is also the reason why the best durian fruits comes from trees that are grown along the slopes of the hills. We at 99 Old Trees only get the best durians along those highland slopes :)

4. People

Last but not least, the people of Raub and Bentong are perhaps, the most important factor in the cultivation of good durians.

Fook Gor Durian man
Fook Gor & Me

Possessing decades of experience, they are able to troubleshoot and identify plant diseases rapidly. The durian growers of Raub and Bentong are also very innovative, they learn new methods of grafting trees to combine good traits of the best durians.

Durian trees unlike many other crops, requires lots of tender loving care. Without the dedication of these hardworking growers, we will not be able to enjoy the lovely Mao Shan Wang.

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