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So no durians, then what do we sell? Good Old-Fashioned Cantonese Dessert near Pek Kio Food Centre.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Introducing: 99 Old Trees --- Cantonese Dessert during Durian Off-Season

If you have ever been to our shop at Blk 46 Owen Road, you wonder? What do we sell during the durian off-season.

Most durian shops will sell some fruits to get by, while other stalls that are on temporary lease will probably close shop. But we decided to be a little more adventurous.

We serve up some good old-fashioned, unpretentious, simple Cantonese desserts.

We are located near Pek Kio Food Centre, Blk 46 Owen Road, #01-277. Walking around this neighbourhood, I realized that we are the only air-conditioned eatery! So if you are looking for a place to cool down in this monstrous weather, why not head down to our shop and blow air-con?

Small Menu - 4 types of desserts only

We offer only 4 types of desserts. We prefer to keep the menu small and focus on making each dessert perfect, rather than having a extensive menu and risk compromising the quality.

1. 99 OLD TREES Signature Durian Mousse

99 Old Trees Signature Durian Mousse

Of course I have to introduce this first lah. We are durian people leh. We live and breathe durian. This has got to be the top-seller lah, if not we not durian but 丢脸 ah!!!

Made with 100% MSW pulp and high quality fresh milk (we use mostly Meiji or Farmhouse fresh milk), we blend it to achieve a light texture with super rich durian taste.

The rich flavor comes entirely from the MSW pulp and we assure you that you won't kena the heavy milky taste at all. So confirm not Jelak!

We then top it with a scoop of 100% pure MSW pulp. If you got to fix that craving during the off-season, then this is probably the next best thing.

$5 / bowl. Additional scoop of MSW pulp - $2.00

2. Mango Pomelo Sago

Mango Pomelo Sago

Our version of Mango Pomelo Sago might be a little different from some others, say Ah Chew's or 味香园。

While most other dessert places uses Mango puree as a base, we use fresh mangoes blended with high quality fresh milk as a base.

Drizzled on very fine shave ice and top with generous amounts of ripened fresh mangoes, pomelos and sago.

We don't add additional sugar in our desserts.

Absolutely delicious way to get your Vitamin C and calcium intake!

$4.50/ bowl. We will hantam a huge load of Mangoes or Pomelo for extra $1

3. Ginkgo Barley (Hot/Cold)

Ginkgo Barley

You can't get anymore traditional than this dessert. Ginkgo barley is a highly nutritious dessert and you can enjoy without any guilt (provided you don't add too much sugar la).

My mom loves to add in a hard boil egg in it, but ewe, I really hated it!

I actually prefer my wife's aunt version of Gingko Barley.

Using a superior quality fresh beancurd skin, and pearl barley, we pressure cook it till the beancurd skin totally disintegrates and melt into the soup. When you drink the soup, it is rich in beancurd and barley flavor.

Till today, we insist on peeling the ginkgo nuts fresh. This is an extremely time-consuming process (people who have tried peeling ginkgo nuts will definitely know the pain). We have tried using commercially peel and packed ones, but the taste simply don't cut it (there's hardly any ginkgo smell at all).

Ginkgo nuts is said to help improve memory and prevent dementia, (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2846949/)

And barley helps in digestion and regulating blood pressure. Whatever it is, ginkgo barley is a light, refreshing and nutritious dessert and can be enjoyed a couple of times a week without the guilt.

$1.90 /bowl (hot)

$2.20 /bowl (cold)

4. 8 Treasure Cheng Tng (Hot/Cold)

8 Treasure Cheng Tng

Ok, I admit! I tried the famous Cheng Tng at 夜来香 at the Bedok corner Hawker centre. Loved it and tried to copy it.... apparently with some success lah! The only thing I didnt like about 夜来香 was the ice that they use. It is too chunky and biting and chewing on ice is definitely not good for your teeth! I actually feedback to them but they didnt seem to care leh!

The 8 Treasures are:

- Red dates, dried Longans, ginkgo nuts, pearl barley, Pang Da Hai, white fungus, dried persimmon, rock sugar.

We use only traditional ingredients because I really hate those jelly jelly stuff in my Cheng Tng. So far, we have pretty good feedback on our version from the residents nearby.

$1.90 /bowl (Hot)

$2.20 /bowl (Cold) --- We add in very finely shaved ice!

So if you are working around Novena, or Little India region, and if you decide to have a meal at Pek Kio Food Centre, why not head down to our little cosy shop, chill out and have a dose of tradition!

99 Old Trees

Sells fresh durians during the season and good old-fashioned Cantonese desserts during the off-season.

Opens Mon-Sat


Blk 46 Owen Road, #01-277 S(210046)

(Near Pek Kio Food Centre)

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