Black Gold MSW


You know it when you see it.

You recognize it when you smell it.

You believe it when you taste it.


Black Gold Mao Shan Wang is rare. Usually found in the highlands of Raub, these Mao Shan Wang has a distinctive black veins in its flesh.


Colour: Duller yellow. Sometimes with very visible blackish green veins running through the flesh. At times the color is not so obvious.

Taste: Very bitter with sharp pungent smell that lingers for a long time in your breadth.

Texture: Moist, may be a little wet at times.

Seed size: Mixture of big and small seed.


Packing size: 500gram per box. Vacuum sealed


  • Due to the strong demand for Black Gold, 99 Old Trees have decided to list it in our durian packages.


  • However, due to its rarity, we may not be able to fulfil all your request.


  • In the event there's no Black Gold on a particular day, we will postpone to the next day. We will inform you if this happens.

Black Gold MSW --- 1 Box (500gram)

SKU: BG-500

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