Mao Shan Wang (猫山王)

Origin: Raub, Pahang

Farm: Fook Gor Durian Farm

Our durians are selected from Old Trees ages more than 15 years old. Durians from old trees are richer and more intense in taste.

Bitter Sweet Strong intense smell.
Durians will be weighed, dehusked and packed in plastic boxes and heat sealed. 

Gross Weight: 3kg (Whole durian with husk)
Nett weight: Approximately 820 +-20 gram (Durian flesh + seed)
Packaging: Comes in 1 box. Each packet weights about 820 +- 20 grams.For this season, the average flesh weight to gross whole durian weight is 26-28%

Delivery charge: $9.90  (Free delivery above $150)

Mao Shan Wang --- (3 kg Package)


    • Store in freezer if not consumed immediately.
    • Avoid repeated freeze/thaw
  • If not nice, must tell us!


    At 99 Old trees, every durian is rigorously selected before they arrive on your table.


    While we take extreme care to ensure only the best durians arrives on your table, these are afterall, natural fruits. Occasionally, a few less than satisfactory quality seeds may creep into the boxes. 


    Should you have a bad experience, please do not hesitate to send us a picture via whatsapp of that wretched piece of durian.


    We will replace or refund without any questions asked.


    We urge customers to be honest and reasonable and submit only genuine cases of unsatisfactory product. With mutual respect and integrity,  we will deliver the best experiences to you for many generations to come. Let us build wonderful memories together!

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