100% Replacement Guarantee

Our Return Policy

Though we strive to offer you the best quality durians, occasionally we may miss. 

If the durians are found to have the following problems:

  • Unripe

  • Sour

  • Worm-infested

Let us know. A coupon code may be offered as a compensation to offset future purchases. 

Having said that, we hope you'll help us by exercising fair judgement and only make reasonable claims. After all, durians are natural fruits and quality does varies.  

While we endeavour to offer you the best durians from Mother Nature, we seek your understanding that we are unable to acommodate any exchanges for the following issues:

  • Seed size

  • Taste profile (ie: not bitter enough) 

To get an exchange:

1.) Take a picture and Whatsapp us at 98222495

2.) Write in to us.

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