Magical Durian Tasting Journey

SukaWa means "as we please". 

In a SukaWa session, we serve you whichever durian cultivars we can land our hands on.

Get ready to time-travel through the history of durians and get your mouth ready for an explosion of flavours.

You'll get to taste at least 6 different durian cultivars, as well as unlimited servings of Mao Shan Wang. 

Our Durian Master will also stand ready to bust any myths about durians and tell you secrets that no other sellers ever want you to know about.


Durian Tasting Session

SukaWa Menu

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Welcome Drink

Durian Dessert (By Chef Chiak)

Durian #1

Durian # 2

Durian # 3

Palate Cleanser


Durian #4

Durian #5

Mao Shan Wang (Unlimited)


Coconut / Cooling Down Drink

99 Old Trees Durian


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