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Durian available in-house. Monitoring quality at the moment. Website ordering will open once we are confident of the durian's general quality. Stay tuned!

Durian Package

Sultan King [D24] - 700g Dehusked


Before it was dethroned by Mao Shan Wang, D24 used to be everybody's favorite. It has a nice creamy taste. 

Texture ranges from sticky to a little moist. (Do expect D24s to have a little more moisture content than MSWs)



Flesh Colour: Pale cream white to mustard yellow. Those with dark patch are bitter.

Taste: Slightly milky, moderate aroma. Bittersweet notes, alocholic at times. 

Texture: Soft and creamy in general. Those with alcoholic taste are usually moist.

Seed size: Large seeds in general.

Packing size: 700gram +-10 gram (Durian flesh + seed). Heat-sealed.

Storage condition: Your durians may arrive chilled for food safety and quality assurance. 

Market price adjustments: As durian prices are volatile, the actual price on the day of delivery may go up or down from the day you have placed the order. Hence, the actual quantity may be adjusted on the day of delivery to reflect the actual market price. 

Your box of durian may consists of durian from two different fruits - As durian comes in different sizes, at times, we will have to open up a second durian to fill up your box to make up 700gram of flesh weight. This is very common. Hence, don't be surprise to find a segment of durian flesh that may come in a slightly different colour or a slightly different taste profile. We will do our best to match the same taste and texture profile in the same box, but slight variations is inevitable as these are natural fruits afterall.


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