Black Pearl [Taiyuan]

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Black Pearl [Taiyuan] - 750gram Dehusked

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Black Pearl 

Also known as Taiyuan in Malaysia. Black Pearl is grown in the state of Johor. 
They are considered uncommon and is only available for around 6 weeks a year.



Flesh Colour: Duller white. Sometimes with very visible blackish veins running through the flesh. At times the color is not so obvious.

Taste: Very bitter and is generally less sweet than other cultivars.

Texture: Sticky and creamy

Seed size: Generally comes in small seed.

Packing size: 750gram +-10 gram (Durian flesh + seed). Heat-sealed.

Storage condition: Your durians may arrive chilled for food safety and quality assurance. 

Important Note: Many weather conditions must come together for a tree to produce Black Gold. Thus, they are extremely rare. On any given day, there may only be a few boxes of MSWs that can be considered as Black Gold quality. In the event that we are unable to fulfil your order, you will be contacted by our staff. You will either be asked to choose to opt for the normal grade MSW, in which case, the price difference will be refunded to you; or; you may choose to postpone the delivery to another date. We will do our best to fulfil your order in the next available opportunity. 

Market price adjustments: As durian prices are volatile, the actual price on the day of delivery may go up or down from the day you have placed the order. Hence, the actual quantity may be adjusted on the day of delivery to reflect the actual market price. 

Your box of durian may consists of durian from two different fruits - As durian comes in different sizes, at times we will have to open up a second durian to fill up your box to make up 700gram of flesh weight. This is very common. Hence, don't be surprise to find a segment of durian flesh that may come in a slightly different colour or a slightly different taste profile. We will do our best to match the same taste and texture profile in the same box, but slight variations is inevitable as these are natural fruits afterall.