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Red Prawn [D175] - 750g Dehusked

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Red Prawn (D175)

Often confused with D13. Red prawn has a soft sweet texture with a sharp aroma, occasionally possessing alcoholic notes. Red prawn is available only 4 to 6 weeks in a year, so do catch it when it is available.  

WARNING: This is a moist to wet durian. DON'T ORDER IF YOU DON'T LIKE MOIST DURIANS!!!!

  • Rugby Shaped.
  • Moist to wet texture. If you do not like wet durians, do not order this.
  • Light coloured Salmon-pinkish flesh.
  • Sweet Champagne alcoholic taste.
  • Mix of large and small seeds. 
  • Partial uneven ripening common.

Warning: For a good Red Prawn to have a pronounced flavour, they tend to be wet in texture. So if you don't like wet texture, refrain from ordering Red Prawn.



Flesh Colour: Light coloured Salmon-pinkish flesh.

Taste: Sweet Champagne alcoholic taste.

Texture: Moist to wet texture. If you do not like wet durians, do not order this.

Seed size: Medium to large seeds.

Packing size: 750gram +-10 gram (Durian flesh + seed). Heat-sealed.

Storage condition: Your durians may arrive chilled for food safety and quality assurance. 

Market price adjustments: As durian prices are volatile, the actual price on the day of delivery may go up or down from the day you have placed the order. Hence, the actual quantity may be adjusted on the day of delivery to reflect the actual market price. 

Disclaimer: Partial unripening is a common for this breed of durians. In such cases, we will top up your box with some extra seeds of durian to compensate for it. Watch out for the Compensate Sticker Label.

Your box of durian may consists of durian from two different fruits - As durian comes in different sizes, at times, we will have to open up a second durian to fill up your box to make up 700gram of flesh weight. This is very common. Hence, don't be surprise to find a segment of durian flesh that may come in a slightly different colour or a slightly different taste profile. We will do our best to match the same taste and texture profile in the same box, but slight variations is inevitable as these are natural fruits afterall.