Durian Harvest Schedule 2021

*** Season Ended *** Next Major Durian Season in June 2024 ***
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Durian Harvest Schedule 2021

This is the moment we have all been waiting for - The mid year Durian Fiesta!!!


We are about to kickstart this Durian season in around 7 to 10 days. But don't get too excited too soon. As with past durian seasons, the harvest will start slow and gradually pick up speed. 



Durian farm in Johor, to be harvested in June.


Here's our estimation for this year's Mid Year Durian Harvest Schedule 2021:


1. Early June (1 June - 10 June) -

Slow start. Low harvest. Mostly we'll see MSW from Johor and some D13s. Quality should be at least 8/10. 


2. Late June (14 June - 30 June) -

Johor harvest peaks. We are expecting to get some crowd favourites like S17, Jinfeng, more high quality D13s, and other rare cultivars. Quality should be a 9/10 level. 

At the same time Pahang season will begin with a slow start. 

And because both Johor and Pahang harvest coincides, we are expecting the prices to soften up a bit during this period.


3. Early July (1 - 14 July) - 

Pahang harvest peaks. We should be expecting very high quality MSWs during this time. D24 will also be ready for harvest during this time. Prices should remain stable. 

Johor harvest declines, but we should see some D175 red prawns during this period. 


4. Late July (15 - 31 July) - 

The harvests in certain regions in Pahang will decline. 


5. Early August (28 July - 14 August)

Another durian farming region in Pahang expected to harvest. And gradually goes into decline in late August.   


So our recommendation is to time your purchase in early July if you are a MSW lover. 

If you are one of those who likes exotic cultivars, then June will be the best time to savour those rarer cultivars like S17, Jinfeng, Bola, Hor Lor etc